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At Rolando’s, we’re your local HVAC experts providing reliable heating and cooling solutions for homes across Brandon, Florida. With 24/7 support and affordable pricing, we take care of all your AC repair, installation, and maintenance needs.

HVAC Contractor Brandon, FL

Superior HVAC Repair & Installation Services

When your AC stops working in Florida’s hot climate, you need AC repair services—fast. Rolando’s HVAC technicians have over 200 years of combined experience diagnosing and fixing all types and brands of air conditioning equipment. Our services include:

Air Conditioner Repair - Get to the root cause whether it's refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, faulty parts replacement, etc. We stock most components in our warehouse so repairs only take a day not weeks.

Heating Repair – From ignition control modules, and blower motors, to heat exchangers, we’ll have your heating running smoothly.

HVAC Installation – Your new installations don't have to be a hassle. We handle every aspect, from inspection to obtaining permits, qualifying you for incentives and rebates. Supported brands: Trane, Lennox, Goodman. Our standard warranty covers labor and parts for one year. With fair pricing and financing options, Rolando’s makes it easy to get problems fixed fast.

HVAC Contractor Brandon, FL

Residential Heating & Cooling Systems

At Rolando's, we specialize in residential HVAC solutions to keep your Brandon, FL home comfortable year-round. With the area's humid subtropical climate, having an efficient, properly sized heating and cooling system is crucial. Our technicians will perform a detailed analysis of your home to determine the optimal heating/ air conditioning system that meets the needs of the space. Factors we consider include square footage and layout, window efficiency and insulation, number of floors and sun exposure, and personal comfort preferences.

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HVAC Services in Brandon

HVAC Services in Brandon, FL

As a family-owned HVAC company operating in Brandon for over 15 years, Rolando’s provides reliable heating and cooling services you can trust. Our NATE-certified technicians leverage extensive experience with Florida’s humid, hot climate to diagnose issues correctly and help keep your home comfortable.

HVAC Repair

When your AC unit stops blowing cold air or the heater fails to warm your home, rely on our trustworthy technicians for fast, comprehensive repairs and even emergency repairs.

Air Conditioning Repair

We troubleshoot all issues from failing compressors to evaporator coil leaks and clogged drains causing overflow. Using advanced diagnostics, we pinpoint the root cause of cooling problems and fix it right the first time. We stock most common AC parts locally avoiding wait times.

HVAC Installation & Replacement

When installing a new AC unit, heat pump, or furnace, we take care of everything - from planning and permits to part sourcing and full installation. We use advanced software to model your home's needs based on insulation, windows, layout, and other factors. This helps us determine the correctly sized HVAC system providing superior cooling and heating capacity for the space. For the installation itself, our NATE-certified installers ensure careful, clean execution. We can install just the indoor equipment, preserve existing ductwork, or do a full replacement for greater efficiency. With extensive experience in new HVAC setups, we avoid common errors that could impact the system's lifespan.

HVAC Replacement

When your current air conditioning unit exceeds 10-12 years, air conditioning replacement becomes prudent to avoid repeated breakdowns and restore cooling capabilities for Florida summers. Rolando's expert technicians guide homeowners through the entire replacement process from recommending energy-efficient systems sized correctly to securing permits and rebates to managing professional installation for optimal performance. From the moment work begins until it ends, our professional, expertly skilled technicians will replace your HVAC unit, ensuring every step is handled with precision and care to guarantee optimal performance and longevity of your new cooling system.

Heating Systems Repair

Our team handles repairs for furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers covering issues from faulty igniters, blown fuses, poor airflow, and improper gas pressure levels. Heating tune-ups prevent breakdowns during winter nights.

HVAC Systems

HVAC Maintenance Plans

Beyond scheduled maintenance, we also provide ongoing repairs and part replacements as issues come up over time. With access to loyal customer discounts and fair rates for minor repairs, you have a constant home cooling safety net with Rolando's services. We also track key indicators during tune-ups, allowing customized arrival timeframes for more significant repairs that optimize your budget. Invest in preventative maintenance and experience the full cooling power and energy efficiency your AC system was designed for in Florida's climate.

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HVAC Contractor Brandon, FL

AC Tune-Up and Maintenance

We offer whole-home central air conditioning tune-ups annually before the major heat sets in. Our technicians thoroughly clean coils, change filters, check refrigerant levels, lubricate parts, verify system pressures, and assess functionality for signs of future failure.

Performing annual maintenance keeps cooling at optimal capacity and reduces costly breakdowns by 30% versus a 'run it till it dies' strategy. Your air conditioning equipment keeps running efficiently all year round and you keep your AC repair or replacement costs down. Call us for a free estimate.

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HVAC Contractor Brandon, FL

Additional Cooling & Heating Services

Now, let's talk about the services in Brandon, FL, we offer. We provide installation services to help you set up your HVAC system properly. We also offer repair and maintenance services to ensure your system runs efficiently, and we provide emergency services for unexpected breakdowns.

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Refrigeration Repair Services

While air conditioning units are the most common systems requiring refrigeration service, Rolando’s expert technicians have experience across all residential refrigeration repair needs. We handle troubleshooting and fixes for refrigerators, wine coolers, mini-fridges, walk-in cold rooms, and even kegerators for home bars. Common issues our team resolves include refrigerant leaks causing insufficient cooling, condenser or evaporator coil damage, compressor failure, faulty thermostats unable to maintain set temps, clogged drains, or ventilation obstruction. For refrigeration breakdowns, food spoilage is often a risk so prompt service is crucial. Rolando’s offers next-day appointments and emergency weekend visits to get your appliance functioning again ASAP. All technicians are EPA certified to responsibly handle refrigerants during the repair process as well.


We assess duct integrity for leaks or holes allowing conditioned air loss leading to higher bills and uncomfortable rooms. For new HVAC installs, we customize the duct layout for optimal airflow to all vents. We also offer duct extension services to adjust ventilation for renovated room additions. For improved indoor air quality, we seal aging metal ducts prone to loosening and deter external contaminant entry.

Installation of high-quality flexible ductwork is available as well for easy shaping without loss of efficiency. Let Rolando’s ductwork inspection and upgrade services maximize comfort and minimize energy waste. Proper ventilation shouldn’t be an afterthought. With our local experience, you can rest assured the insulation, sealing, and construction meet Florida building codes. If you need a new unit, or repair services trust our expertly skilled technicians to keep your home cool. We offer the best services in Brandon, FL and you can trust that the job will be done right.


We evaluate your existing insulation levels and determine recommended coverage based on your roof and attic space size. Most Florida homes require at least R-30 rated insulation, though upgrades to R-38 or more substantially improve efficiency. We install both blown-in cellulose and batt insulation types depending on needs. Our insulation crew handles the entire process including moving any stored items in your attic, installing temporary floor paths, and sealing penetrations behind can lighting fixtures. We also assess roof ventilation needs to prevent moisture accumulation threats. Don’t overlook the difference proper attic insulation can make. Let Rolando's handle this essential upgrade.

Ductless Mini Split

Ductless ACs and heating units allow isolating rooms far from central HVAC equipment to set customized temps based on use or personal preferences. This is ideal for room additions, workshops, garages, and more. Our technicians help determine optimal unit sizing and mounting given room dimensions and window accessibility.

Proper ductless mini-split installation requires precise placement of the compact wall-mounted indoor head unit along with the matching external heat pump. Our team handles full integration including refrigerant line routing, condensate management, electrical wiring, fencing to protect exterior units, and testing. For mini splits already installed, we diagnose and fix any issues from leaking refrigerant lines to fan and compressor failures. Let our mini split HVAC capabilities keep that additional room, sunroom, or garage space comfortable no matter what climate challenges Tampa Bay brings.

Heat Pumps

During Tampa Bay’s cooler winter months, air-sourced heat pumps extract latent heat, concentrating it to warm your home. The process reverses in summer, moving warmer indoor air outside for refreshing air-conditioned comfort. Dual capabilities with one unit lead to lower equipment costs. Our technicians recommend hybrid heat pump options as well which leverage integrated electric coils for supplemental heating abilities when outdoor temps drop below 45°F. Smart thermostat integration regulates operation seamlessly. For those with outdated AC and furnace setups, a new heat pump system simplifies while providing superior efficiency and some hot water capabilities too.

Enjoy the comfort of your own home! Contact your most trusted AC Contractor.

HVAC Contractor Brandon, FL

Why Choose Rolando's HVAC Company in Brandon, FL

Licensing & Certifications: EPA 608 Certified Technicians, NATE-Certified Installers & Service Professionals, Florida Gold Star Contractors Since 2009, Bonded, Licensed & Insured (LIC# CAC1820272).

Licensing & Certifications

EPA 608 Certified Technicians, NATE-Certified Installers & Service Professionals, Florida Gold Star Contractors Since 2009, Bonded, Licensed & Insured (LIC# CAC1820272).

Proven HVAC Experience

200+ Years Of Combined Experience, 5000+ Installations Completed Successfully, Preventative Maintenance for 7,000+ Local AC Units.

Rave Customer Reviews

4.9-Star Average Review on Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, More than 800 5-star Google Reviews from our satisfied customers.

Full Range of Services

AC & Furnace Installation, Repair, Maintenance, Attic Insulation, Ductwork Design & Repair, Smart Thermostat Configuration, Maintenance Protection Plans.

Flexible Financing Options

Accepting All Credit Cards & 3rd Party Financing, Customizable Payment Plans As Low As 0% APR.

When facing air conditioning/ heating problems in the Tampa Bay area, choosing a company with a reputation for fair pricing and exceptional service is crucial. Our company adheres to a transparent, flat-rate pricing model for all our air conditioning services, ensuring no surprises on your service call bill. Whether it's a routine AC service, a complex replacement heating task, or resolving issues with your air conditioning system, our approach prioritizes affordability and honesty. We stand by our commitment to deliver top-notch HVAC services to every customer.
Our team of trained and professional technicians excels in all aspects of heating, cooling, and air conditioning services. From diagnosing and fixing heating or air conditioning problems to the installation of a brand-new HVAC system, every job is executed with precision and professionalism. Serving the diverse needs of Tampa Bay customers, our business takes pride in offering comprehensive solutions for your air conditioner and cooling system. With our extensive experience in HVAC services, we ensure that your air conditioning and heating system operates at peak efficiency, providing comfort and reliability to your home or business.

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  • Providence Lakes
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  • Bryan Oaks Reserve
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  • Bellefonte
  • Belle Timbre
  • Grove Park
  • Chelsea Woods
  • Brandonwood
  • Lake Heather Oaks
  • South Pointe
  • Innergary Point
  • Citrus Wood
  • Brandon Hills
  • Towne Estate
  • Buckhorn Creek

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Brandon HVAC FAQ

How frequently should Brandon homeowners consider scheduling HVAC maintenance?

For Brandon, FL homeowners, we recommend scheduling HVAC maintenance at least annually before the cooling season ramps up. Performing routine tune-ups every 12 months helps extend your AC system’s lifespan by up to 15 years. Semi-annual or seasonal maintenance is ideal to keep your air conditioning and heating running efficiently year-round, reducing costly repairs. Our preventative plans also offer maintenance coverage options.

Rolando’s HVAC is a Heating/Cooling company that specializes in heating, air-conditioning and indoor air quality for the comfort and safety of you.

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