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HVAC Financing Tampa

When it comes to creating the perfect indoor climate for your home, Rolando's HVAC understands that quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential. We know that investing in the comfort of your home is important, and that's why we offer flexible and affordable financing options to make your HVAC dreams a reality.

Our financing options are designed to suit your unique needs and budget. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing system, install a new energy-efficient unit, or address unexpected repairs, we have financing solutions that can make it all possible.

With our financing plans, you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable and high-performance HVAC system while spreading the cost over manageable monthly payments. This way, you can experience the comfort and efficiency of a top-notch system without compromising your family's budget.

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Heating & Cooling Financing FAQ

When Should I Have My Heating and Cooling Equipment Serviced?

Your HVAC systems should be serviced before the start of each heating and cooling season. So, your air conditioner should have regular maintenance performed at the end of winter or the beginning of spring, while your heat pump or furnace should have its regular maintenance performed at the end of summer or the beginning of fall.

How Often Should I Replace My HVAC Air Filters?

Your air filters should be replaced every one to three months depending on usage. This is vitally important to the performance of your HVAC systems and your indoor air quality.

How Important Is My Indoor Air Quality?

The short answer? Very important! Your indoor air quality can be as much as 100 times worse than the outdoor air. That means pollutants, allergens, dust, and mildew can be circulating in your home affecting your family’s health and well-being. Improving and maintaining your indoor air quality is vitally important to your home and family.

What Is A Ductless Mini-Split System?

A ductless mini-split system is an alternative to traditional heating and cooling like central air. Ductless HVAC works similarly to central heating and cooling, except that it doesn’t require ductwork. Your mini-split system will have an indoor and outdoor unit, but it will only require a small hole to be cut through the exterior wall—just big enough for a tube of refrigerant to pass through. Inside your home, the air will be conditioned and returned into the room by the same unit.

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