How to Tell if an AC Compressor is Bad?

As the cool, refreshing breeze of winter gives way to the sweltering heat of Tampa's summers, your air conditioner becomes your most prized possession. But just like any hardworking machine, your air conditioner's compressor can experience wear and tear, leading to reduced cooling power and even complete breakdowns. To keep your home comfortable and prevent costly repairs, it's crucial to be aware of the signs of a failing AC compressor.

Rolando's HVAC, is here to guide you through the telltale signs of a bad AC compressor when you need us.

6 Symptoms of a Failing AC Compressor

Problems with your air conditioner can quickly turn a cool and comfortable home into a sweltering nightmare. If you're experiencing any of these bad ac compressor symptoms, it's possible your AC compressor is on the fritz:

1. AC is Making Unusual Noises

Listen up! Is your AC unit suddenly sounding like a growling bear or a clanking robot? While a little hum is normal, strange noises like clanging, grinding, hissing, or rattling can indicate a failing air conditioning compressor. This hardworking part pumps refrigerant throughout your system, and when it's stressed, it can get noisy. Don't ignore these cries for help – call Rolando's HVAC right away.

2. AC is Having a Hard Time Getting Started

Is your AC unit struggling to come alive, taking its sweet time to cough up cool air? This could be a sign of a weak or failing compressor. Normally, the compressor jumps to life and gets the party started, but when it's weak, it might sputter and groan before finally kicking in. If your AC is taking forever to get into the swing of things, it's time for Rolando's HVAC to diagnose the issue.

3. AC Stops Blowing Cold Air (Low Refrigerant)

This one's pretty obvious: if your air conditioning unit is no longer blowing cold air, it's definitely not doing its job. While low refrigerant is a common culprit, it could also point to an AC compressor failure, which is responsible for circulating the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system.

4. Circuit Breaker Trips

Your air conditioner compressor draws a lot of power when it starts up. If it's struggling or failing, it might overload the circuit, causing the circuit breaker to trip. This is a safety measure to prevent overheating and potential fire, so it's important not to ignore it.

5. Diminished/Reduced Airflow

If your AC is blowing warm air, it could be due to a restricted airflow caused by dirty filters, clogged coils, or even a failing compressor. The compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system, so if it's weak, it won't be able to push enough cool air through the vents.

6. Puddles or Leaks Around the Air Conditioning Unit

Moisture or puddles around the condenser unit or near the indoor coil can indicate a faulty compressor. The compressor keeps the refrigerant pressurized, and when it fails, leaks can occur. Not only is this a waste of refrigerant, but it can also be harmful. Don't wait for a flood – call Rolando's HVAC for immediate leak repair and ac compressor assessment.


Worried About Your AC Compressor? Contact Rolando's HVAC

Worried about your AC compressor losing cooling power? Don't suffer through Tampa's heat with a struggling system! If you hear unusual noises, experience weak airflow, have warm air coming from vents, or notice puddles near your unit, it's time to call Rolando's HVAC.

Our team of Tampa Bay experts is here to diagnose the issue quickly and get your AC compressors back in tip-top shape. We'll have your home cool and comfortable in no time, so you can focus on enjoying the sunshine, not stressing about the HVAC system.

Common Problems That Cause an AC Compressor to Go Bad

Tampa's brutal summers can wreak havoc on your AC system, especially the hardworking compressor. But fear not! By recognizing these early warning signs, you can prevent a meltdown and keep your cool.

Faulty Components

Your AC compressor is a complex machine, and just like any machine, it has its fair share of parts that can wear out or break down. Worn-out bearings, leaky valves, or malfunctioning electrical components can all put stress on the ac compressor, making it work harder and ultimately fail. Regular maintenance and inspections by a professional HVAC technician can help identify these issues before they turn into a bigger problem.


Imagine running a marathon without rest – that's what your overworked motor feels like when your air conditioner is constantly battling high temperatures. Dirty condenser coils, clogged air filters, or even low refrigerant levels can restrict airflow and trap heat around the ac compressor, causing it to overheat and eventually burn out. Rolando's HVAC can diagnose the source of the overheating and get your system breathing easy again.

Burned Out (Exposure to Elements)

Your AC's outside condensing unit is a tough cookie, but even cookies can crumble under relentless sun, harsh winds, and salty air. Over time, these elements can degrade electrical components, corrode metal surfaces, and wear down seals, leaving your compressor vulnerable to electrical problems, tripped circuit breakers, and power supply problems. Rolando's HVAC can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action, whether it's repairs, replacements, or strategic shade solutions.

Routine Compressor Maintenance Tips

Tampa's scorching summers are no match for a well-maintained AC system. But just like a champion athlete, your AC's hardworking compressor needs regular TLC to stay on top of its game. Here at Rolando's HVAC, we're Tampa's AC experts, and we've got the inside scoop on keeping your compressor purring like a kitten:

Clean Coils and Filters

Think of your AC's condenser coils as its lungs. When they're clogged with dirt and grime, the compressor has to work harder to breathe, leading to stress and potential burnout. Tampa's notorious pollen and dust bunnies can wreak havoc, so schedule regular cleanings with Rolando's HVAC – we'll have your coils sparkling and your compressor singing!

Check Refrigerant Levels

Just like a car needs oil, your AC's lifeblood is refrigerant. Low levels make the compressor thirsty and sluggish, forcing it to strain. Avoid Tampa meltdowns by checking your refrigerant levels regularly. If you hear hissing or notice weak airflow, call Rolando's HVAC right away – we'll top off your AC's coolant and keep it running smooth.


While lush greenery is a Tampa dream, keep shrubs and plants at least two feet away from your outdoor unit. Overgrown landscaping can restrict airflow, suffocating your compressor and causing it to overheat. Trim with care, and if you're unsure, consult Rolando's HVAC – we'll help you find the perfect green balance.

Keep Pets and Animals Away

Curious furry friends love exploring the cool hum of your AC unit. But playful paws and prying noses can damage delicate fins and coils, putting stress on the compressor. Fence off the area or redirect your pets – their safety and your AC's well-being are purr-fect priorities!

Air Conditioner Compressor Troubles? We're Here to Help

AC compressor troubles got you dreading the sweltering Tampa heat? Rolando's HVAC is your one-stop solution for all your AC compressor needs. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped to handle any compressor issue, from unusual noises and warm air blowing to refrigerant leaks. We'll diagnose the problem accurately and provide effective repairs to restore your AC to peak performance.

Don't let a faulty compressor ruin your comfort – call Rolando's HVAC today at (813) 373-6804 for a free estimate and experience the cool relief you deserve.

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