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HVAC Contractor in Orlando, Florida

Looking for a reliable HVAC contractor in Orlando, Florida? As experienced local contractors, Rolando's HVAC understands the unique climate and needs of Central Florida homes and businesses. We specialize in installation, maintenance, and repair for all makes and models, offering quality workmanship and fast response times you can count on. Next time your AC or heater struggles, call the experts at Rolando's HVAC - we have the skills to diagnose any issue and get your system running again quickly.

Comprehensive HVAC Services

HVAC Emergency Repair

Facing an unexpected HVAC breakdown or leakage? Immediate help is available. Our team offers 24/7 emergency HVAC repair services, understanding the urgency of restoring your system's functionality. Quick, reliable repairs can minimize discomfort and prevent further damage, getting your system back to its best with minimal downtime. Don't wait in discomfort. Call us now for emergency HVAC repair and reclaim your comfort

AC Repair

Has your AC stopped blowing cold air? Don't sweat it - the AC repair experts at Rolando's HVAC can fix it fast. We understand the urgency of restoring cooling in Orlando's hot climate. Our technicians diagnose AC issues quickly and make expert repairs, getting your system back to peak performance. Trust us for prompt, reliable AC repair service when you need it most. We'll have you cooling off again in no time.

Heating System Repair

Wake up to a chilly home? Don't let a broken furnace or heating system leave you in the cold. The heating repair pros at Rolando's HVAC are here to help. We know how essential it is to restore warmth fast in Orlando's occasional cold snaps. Our technicians make skilled repairs quickly, efficiently returning your system to full operation. Depend on us for prompt, knowledgeable heating system repair service when you need it. We'll get your home warm and comfortable again.

HVAC Replacement

Is your HVAC system showing its age or lacking efficiency? It might be time for an upgrade. Our expert HVAC technicians specialize in replacing systems for both homes and businesses, ensuring you get the best fit for your needs. Imagine a new, energy efficient HVAC system tailored to your space and reduced energy bills. We can get you a cool deal when you upgrade your current system!

HVAC System Maintenanc

In Orlando's hot and humid climate, HVAC systems face extra strain, necessitating regular maintenance to handle the increased workload and moisture challenges efficiently. Our maintenance services, tailored for Orlando, include tune-ups, filter changes, and inspections to ensure your system withstands the weather, prolonging its life and enhancing safety and efficiency. Schedule your maintenance to protect your HVAC against Orlando's unique climate demands.

HVAC System Installation

Keep your home or business comfortable year-round with new, efficient HVAC systems installed by the experts at Rolando's HVAC. We handle complete AC and heating system installation for optimal performance.

AC Installation

Beat the heat with a perfectly sized, expertly installed air conditioning system from Rolando's HVAC. We'll recommend energy efficient AC units based on the unique needs of your home or business. Our technicians will handle the entire installation process professionally and minimize disruption. Enjoy cool comfort with your new, high-performing AC.

Heating System Installation

Stay cozy when temps drop with a heating system installed right the first time by Rolando's HVAC. We'll advise on the ideal furnace, heat pump or ductless heating system for your space. Our team manages the full installation efficiently, following all codes and manufacturer specifications so your new heating system operates at peak capacity for years of warmth and energy savings

What Makes Rolando's HVAC Stand Out Among Local HVAC Companies?

Comprehensive Services:

  • Specializing in the installation, repair, and maintenance of a wide range of climate control systems.
  • Expertise in servicing air conditioning units, heating systems, ventilation, and cooling systems.

Routine Maintenance for Optimal Efficiency:

  • Enhancing safety and efficiency through routine checks, including testing thermostats, checking for leaks, replacing filters, and more.

Quality Assurance:

  • Employing experienced HVAC technicians qualified to work on all types of HVAC equipment.
  • Tailoring installations to your specific needs for optimal performance.
  • Committed to improving air quality and comfort for all our customers in Orlando.

Rolando's HVAC prioritizes your comfort and the efficiency of your climate control systems. For expert HVAC services, including quality air conditioning, heating, and ventilation solutions in Orlando, trust Rolando's HVAC—where customer satisfaction is our top priority.

HVAC Contractor Orlando, FL

Precision and Quality from Start to Finish

Whether you're installing a new HVAC system, needing repairs, or maintaining your existing setup in Orlando, ensuring optimal integration and performance is key. Rolando's HVAC provides comprehensive services to meet all your needs with precision and quality:

Comprehensive Evaluation

Tailored assessment for new installations or maintenance and repair needs, considering Orlando's climate

Customized Solutions

Selection of suitable units and maintenance plans for efficient operation.

Expert Installation and Repair

Professional handling of system setup, repairs, and ductwork adjustments.

Advanced Controls

Setup of smart thermostats for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

Rigorous Safety and Performance Checks

Verification of electrical safety and system efficiency.

Thorough System Testing

Ensuring your satisfaction and system reliability through extensive testing.

Whole Home Comfort Services

Plumbing Services

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services

Facing plumbing problems in Orlando, Florida? Rolando's HVAC is here to help. Our team of professional plumbers excels in tackling everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs for both residential and commercial systems. Imagine a plumbing system that operates flawlessly, free from leaks, clogs, and bursts, thanks to our expert care and maintenance. Don't let plumbing issues disrupt your day. Contact Rolando's HVAC 24/7 for all your plumbing needs in the greater Orlando metro area. Let us ensure your plumbing is in top condition.

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Garage Door Orlando, FL

Garage Door Installation and Repair

Is your garage door in need of a tune-up or replacement? Rolando's HVAC has the solution. Our skilled technicians are adept at repairing and installing garage doors, ensuring everything from the opener to the springs works seamlessly.

We get your garage door working smoothly, providing secure, easy access to your home or business, with the backing of our competitive rates and quality workmanship. If you're in Orlando or the surrounding areas, let Rolando's HVAC take the hassle out of garage door repairs and installations. Contact us today to get your garage door back in perfect operation.

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HVAC Orlando

Things To Do in the City of Orlando

Orlando, a world-renowned vacation hotspot, offers a plethora of entertainment, attractions, and experiences that cater to every visitor's taste. This premier resort city is not only celebrated for its iconic theme parks but also for its vibrant outdoor activities, shopping havens, and diverse dining options.

Theme Parks and Attractions

Orlando is home to the top theme parks in the world, like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and Icon Park. These massive parks offer rides, shows, character meet-and-greets, eateries, shops, and hotels all in one destination. Popular rides include Space Mountain, Hogwarts Castle, and the new roller coaster VelociCoaster.

Outdoor Adventures

Orlando's adventure extends beyond its parks, offering airboat tours through Florida's lush wetlands, kayaking excursions on Shingle Creek, and the challenge of rock climbing at Aiguille Rock Climbing Center. Enjoy horseback riding at Tri-Circle-D Ranch or explore the natural springs and Atlantic Ocean beaches for a refreshing outdoor experience.


For shoppers, Orlando is a paradise with destinations like the Florida Mall, Mall at Millenia, Disney Springs, and Universal CityWalk. These centers feature a mix of high-end boutiques and souvenir shops, while Orlando International Premium Outlets offer significant savings on leading brands.


The dining scene in Orlando ranges from quick bites within theme parks to luxurious resort restaurants. The city's coastal location ensures a bounty of fresh seafood, complemented by steakhouses, international cuisines, and Southern comfort food. Orlando is also the birthplace of iconic chains like TGI Fridays.

Thornton Park: A European Escape in Downtown Orlando

Adding to Orlando's charm is Thornton Park District, nestled in downtown Orlando with a European flair. This colorful, walkable neighborhood is home to the stunning Lake Eola Park and over 60 locally owned specialty shops, restaurants, and service providers. Thornton Park's cobblestoned streets offer a picturesque escape to explore unique boutiques and culinary delights, enriching the Orlando experience with its distinctive character and local culture.

HVAC Contractor FAQ

When Should I Call an HVAC Contractor in Orlando?

You should contact an HVAC contractor when:

  • Your air conditioner isn't cooling effectively.
  • Your heater fails to provide sufficient warmth.
  • You hear strange noises or detect odd smells from your HVAC system.
  • You see visible signs of damage to your HVAC equipment.

Remember, Rolando's HVAC, one of Orlando's top local HVAC companies, is ready to assist with repairs, installations, and maintenance for homes, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.

What Should I Consider When Hiring an HVAC Contractor in Orlando, FL?

When hiring an HVAC contractor, consider:

  • Licensing and insurance for protection against damages.
  • Referrals and online reviews for credibility.
  • Getting multiple quotes to compare pricing and services.
  • Certifications like NATE for quality assurance.
  • Availability for both regular and emergency services.
  • Comprehensive services across all HVAC makes and models.
  • Energy efficiency options to reduce utility costs.
  • Clear warranties and guarantees on workmanship.

Rolando's HVAC meets these criteria, providing trusted and efficient services across Orlando.

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