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Tampa Trusts Rolando's HVAC for Any HVAC Need. Specializing in responsive repair, new installs, home efficiency and offering fair pricing for all your Tampa HVAC needs.

HVAC contractor Tampa, FL

HVAC Installation Services Tampa

As a Tampa homeowner, a flawless HVAC installation matters for comfort and savings. That's why homeowners trust the NATE-certified technicians at Rolando's HVAC to expertly install advanced and efficient air conditioning systems and more. We take great care to tailor solutions to your home's specific needs so your family stays comfortable in the Florida heat. Our customized installations focus on performance, which is why we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. For Tampa's leading HVAC installations and all your HVAC needs, contact Rolando's HVAC today to schedule with our specialists.

AC Installation

When it's time to enhance the comfort and efficiency of your home's cooling system, trust our experts for professional air conditioner installation. Our NATE-certified technicians are skilled in efficient AC installation, setting up the most advanced, energy-efficient air conditioners available in the Tampa area. We meticulously replace outdated ductwork and seal any leaks to maximize cooling efficiency and reduce energy waste. Contact us today to arrange a reliable AC system installation that ensures your home remains cool throughout the summer.

Heating Installation

For dependable heating installation services, rely on Rolando’s HVAC expertise. Our NATE-certified technicians, with over a decade of experience, are proficient in professional heating system installation including furnaces, heat pump installation, and mini splits in Tampa area homes. We upgrade outdated ductwork to efficient heating setups, maximizing your system's efficiency and capacity. Whether you need a gas furnace heating installation or an energy-efficient heat pump installation, we tailor the ideal heating solution to fit your home's size, infrastructure, and budget. Contact us today to arrange a residential heating installation that ensures your home stays warm this winter.

HVAC contractor Tampa, FL

HVAC Maintenance Tampa

Routine maintenance is crucial for getting the most out of your home’s heating and cooling equipment. Rolando’s HVAC offers tailored HVAC maintenance plans for Tampa area homes to optimize performance. Our trained professionals will thoroughly inspect your AC unit, heating system, thermostat, ductwork, filters, and other components. We catch small issues before they become big, expensive emergency repairs, and keep systems running at peak efficiency. Contact Rolando’s HVAC to schedule comprehensive maintenance for flawless HVAC operation and longevity.

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HVAC Services in Tampa, FL

HVAC Repair Tampa

Depend on Rolando’s HVAC for emergency HVAC repair from our skilled technicians when breakdowns disrupt your home’s comfort. With extensive HVAC troubleshooting capabilities across all makes and models, we are equipped to quickly diagnose and resolve issues, ensuring your system runs optimally again. As Tampa homeowners, we understand the importance of first-rate repairs. Rely on our reliable HVAC system repair services, known for fair pricing, exceptional workmanship, and swift response times, whenever you need urgent heating system repair or AC unit repair this season.

AC Repair

When your air conditioning unit falters in the summer heat, count on Rolando’s HVAC for professional air conditioning repair. Our NATE-certified technicians are adept at air conditioning troubleshooting for all models, ensuring your system is swiftly restored. We offer transparent pricing on all AC repair services and parts replacement. Depend on our quick air conditioner repair and superior craftsmanship to cool your Tampa home effectively this summer.

Heating Systems Repair

Rolando’s HVAC technicians excel in providing efficient heating system repair services across the Tampa area. We specialize in heating maintenance, diagnosis, and repair of furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, mini split units, and hot water heaters. Our team is adept at heating system diagnostics to swiftly resolve any issues your home might face this winter. Rolando’s HVAC offers transparent, fair pricing for all heating repair specialists services, parts, and labor to restore your system. Trust our professional heating system maintenance to ensure your home’s heating operates flawlessly this season.

HVAC contractor Tampa, FL

HVAC Replacement Tampa

When it's time to upgrade your outdated or inefficient HVAC system, count on Rolando’s HVAC for comprehensive HVAC replacement. Our team provides competitive quotes for energy-efficient installation of air conditioning units, furnaces, and more in Tampa homes. We tailor the optimal HVAC system upgrade considering your home’s size, infrastructure, and energy goals. Trust Rolando’s HVAC to manage the entire full HVAC unit installation process, including securing permits and ensuring professional setup for peak performance. Depend on us for specialized efficient system replacement that enhances your home’s temperature control and reduces energy costs.

HVAC contractor Tampa, FL

Residential HVAC Services Tampa

For residential heating and cooling, trust Rolando’s HVAC to customize systems that enhance home comfort, efficiency, and durability in Tampa homes. Benefit from our exceptional customer service and cost-effective solutions to optimize your home's HVAC system. For expert residential air conditioning service and more, call Rolando's HVAC at (813) 373-6804.

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Residential Cooling Systems

Rolando’s HVAC excels in providing residential air conditioning service for Tampa area homes. We specialize in top brands like Goodman, Carrier, and Lennox to deliver efficient home cooling solutions. Our technicians tailor each air conditioner installation to meet your household's specific cooling needs, focusing on air quality control and humidity control installation. Benefit from our cooling system maintenance plans, rapid AC maintenance, and strategic zoning to enhance cooling efficiency. Choose Rolando’s HVAC for an AC system that optimally lowers humidity, improves air quality, and maintains comfort affordably.

Residential Heating Systems

As winter approaches, count on Rolando’s HVAC for dependable and cost-effective residential heating services in the Tampa area. Our technicians expertly select the most suitable heating system for your home, be it a furnace, heat pump, or ductless mini-split. Specializing in efficient residential heating service, we manage installations, maintenance, and prompt repairs. Rolando’s HVAC is dedicated to customizing home heating solutions that meet family requirements for comfort and affordability. Ensure your home stays consistently warm through the coldest nights with our top-tier residential heating optimization.

HVAC contractor Tampa, FL

HVAC Financing Tampa

We understand that upgrading home comfort systems requires significant investment. That's why Rolando’s HVAC offers flexible financing options to pay for new air conditioner or furnace installations over time. Investing in cooling and heating should benefit your family both now and in the future. Let our financing flexibility make advanced HVAC units accessible today to maximize savings for years to come. Contact Rolando’s HVAC to discuss financing that fits your needs.

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HVAC contractor Tampa, FL

Additional HVAC Contractor Service

While cooling and heating form our specialty, Rolando’s HVAC offers various other services to comprehensively enhance your household systems. From installing a smart thermostat to heating installations our technicians have the expertise to repair and upgrade refrigeration equipment, ensuring food and beverages stay chilled and fresh.

We also assess ductwork infrastructure to address leaks hindering system efficiency. If improving insulation could optimize performance, we handle professional installation. For spaces difficult to heat and cool, our ductless mini splits provide zoned comfort right where you need it.

Contact us to discuss these and any other HVAC-related needs even beyond traditional air conditioning services. Our extensive experience translates across many areas for whole-home comfort and control.

Refrigeration Repair

For impeccable refrigeration system maintenance, trust Rolando’s HVAC. Our skilled technicians provide professional refrigeration repair service for all types of cooling equipment, including refrigerators, freezers, and ice makers. We specialize in commercial refrigeration support, handling everything from coolant leak repair to compressor fixes. Rely on our rapid refrigerator troubleshooting to restore optimal functionality to your appliances. Choose Rolando’s HVAC for reliable and efficient appliance repair solutions that keep your food chilled and ice crystal clear.


Faulty ductwork impacts the distribution of heating and cooling in your home. Rolando’s HVAC conducts comprehensive HVAC duct system assessments and upgrades, such as duct sealing and vent repair. Properly maintained ducts enhance air distribution, ensuring balanced climate control and energy efficiency. Trust our expertise to optimize your duct system, improving overall system performance and extending the life of your AC.

Insulation and HVAC Efficiency

Poor insulation can strain your HVAC system, shorten its lifespan, and create uncomfortable temperature variances in your home. Our technicians evaluate whether enhancing your home’s insulation can reduce HVAC operational costs and improve energy efficiency. We provide professional insulation upgrades to achieve optimal thermal performance and enhanced HVAC system efficiency, ensuring better heat and cold retention within your living spaces.

Ductless Mini Split

For areas like home additions where traditional climate control is challenging, Rolando’s HVAC offers efficient mini split systems. Install our ductless mini split systems for zoned comfort heating cooling exactly where it's needed, ensuring room-specific temperature adjustment. These systems provide targeted cooling solutions and energy-efficient cooling, controlled with a remote for precision in just the desired rooms—maximizing comfort without wasting energy.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are highly efficient systems that utilize ambient air or ground temperature for both heating and cooling, offering significant energy savings and climate control. To determine if a heat pump system is suitable for your needs, consult with a local technician who will evaluate factors like your regional climate, energy goals, and budget. Consider the benefits of heat pump efficiency for a sustainable heating solution that aligns with your environmental and cost considerations.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems offer a superior, even, and quiet heating experience, enhancing thermal comfort efficiently compared to traditional forced-air systems. Consult with expert HVAC contractors for the right energy-efficient radiant heating solutions, including underfloor heating systems and radiant floor heating. Opt for in-floor radiant heating installation to achieve seamless temperature control and silent operation in your home.

Enjoy the comfort of your own home! Contact your most trusted AC Contractor.

HVAC Systems

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Contact our team today to revolutionize your home’s temperature control, efficiency, and air quality. Request a Free estimate, Air Conditioning/ Heating Assessment, Schedule Annual Maintenance, or a service call. Call (813) 373-6804 or book online now! Rolando's HVAC, is the Tampa HVAC company you can trust!

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HVAC Tampa, FL

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FAQ: HVAC Contractor Tampa

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is a system that controls the air quality and temperature in your home or business. HVAC systems are essential for providing comfort and safety, and they can also help to improve efficiency and save energy.

How often do I need to change my HVAC filter?

You should change your HVAC filter regularly to maintain air quality and system efficiency. The frequency depends on various factors, including usage, filter type, and environmental conditions. In Tampa Bay, HVAC Systems get almost constant use. You should change it at least once a month.

How often should I service my HVAC system?

You should have your HVAC system serviced at least once a year, preferably in the spring before the summer cooling season or in the fall before the winter heating season. This helps ensure efficient and safe operation. In addition to regular service, you should also have your HVAC system inspected if you notice any issues like strange noises, reduced airflow, increased energy bills, water leaks, or mold/mildew growth.

What is a SEER Rating

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It measures how efficiently an AC converts electricity into cooling. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioning unit.

Rolando’s HVAC is a Heating/Cooling company that specializes in heating, air-conditioning and indoor air quality for the comfort and safety of you.


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