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Rolando's HVAC is the leading HVAC contractor in St. Petersburg, providing top-notch air conditioning, heating, and ventilation services to home and business owners alike. Our HVAC professionals specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining all types of HVAC systems, from central air conditioners to commercial climate control systems.
With decades of exp

erience serving the region, Rolando's HVAC stands out as the premier HVAC repair and installation contractor in St. Petersburg and the greater Tampa Bay area. Contact us today for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs!

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Expert HVAC Services in St Petersburg

At Rolando's HVAC, we are dedicated to providing expert heating, ventilation system, and air conditioning services to homes and businesses in St. Petersburg. With a team of highly trained and experienced technicians, we offer a comprehensive range of HVAC solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

St. Petersburg HVAC Installation

Whether you're building a new home or upgrading an existing property, our professionals can expertly install the right HVAC system for your space. We work with top-quality equipment from leading manufacturers, ensuring optimal performance, energy efficiency, and long-lasting comfort. Our meticulous installation process ensures your system is correctly sized, properly configured, and seamlessly integrated into your living or working environment.

St. Petersburg HVAC Repairs

When your HVAC system encounters issues, you need prompt and reliable repairs to restore optimal performance. Our team of skilled technicians is equipped to diagnose and repair all types of HVAC equipment, from air conditioners and furnaces to heat pumps and ductless systems. We use advanced tools and techniques to identify and resolve problems quickly, minimizing downtime and ensuring your comfort is restored as soon as possible.

St. Petersburg HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for prolonging the lifespan of your HVAC system and ensuring its efficient operation. Our preventive maintenance services include thorough inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups to keep your system running smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdowns. By investing in routine maintenance, you can enjoy improved energy efficiency, lower utility costs, and a more comfortable indoor environment.

St. Petersburg HVAC Replacement

When your existing HVAC system reaches the end of its service life or becomes too inefficient or costly to repair, our experts can guide you through the process of selecting and installing a new, high-performance system. We consider factors such as your specific needs, energy efficiency goals, and budget to recommend the ideal replacement solution. Our professional installation ensures your new system is properly sized and integrated for optimal performance and comfort

HVAC Contractor St. Petersburg

Comprehensive HVAC Contractor Services in St Petersburg

At Rolando's HVAC, we are committed to providing top-notch heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services to homes and businesses in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. With years of experience and a team of highly skilled technicians, we offer a comprehensive range of HVAC solutions to meet all your comfort needs.

Insulation and HVAC Efficiency

Our experts can assess your home or commercial property and recommend the best insulation solutions to improve energy efficiency and HVAC system performance.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. At Rolando's HVAC, we offer professional installation, repair, and maintenance services for a wide range of heat pump models.

Ductless Mini Splits

Our team can expertly install, maintain, and repair ductless mini-split systems to keep your living or working spaces comfortable year-round.


We offer comprehensive ductwork services, including installation, repair, and replacement. Our technicians use advanced techniques and equipment to ensure your ductwork operates at optimal levels, minimizing energy loss and improving air quality.

Radiant Heating

At Rolando's HVAC, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of radiant heating systems, including in-floor and wall-mounted options. Our team can help you choose the right radiant heating solution for your needs.

Refrigeration Repair

Our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair a wide range of refrigeration equipment, including walk-in coolers, freezers, and ice machines.

At Rolando's HVAC, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and quality workmanship. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate for your HVAC needs in St. Petersburg.

Whole Home Comfort Services

Beyond HVAC Complete Home Comfort Solutions in St Petersburg

At Rolando's HVAC, we understand that true home comfort extends beyond just heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance the overall comfort, convenience, and functionality of your St. Petersburg home.


Our team of skilled plumbers is equipped to handle all your residential plumbing needs, from routine maintenance and repairs to water filtration and new fixture installation. We offer services for sinks, toilets, showers, water heaters, sump pumps, and more. Whether you're dealing with a leaky faucet or need a new water heater installed, our professionals will get the job done efficiently and with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Garage Doors

A well-functioning garage door is essential for both convenience and security. Our garage door experts can install, repair, and maintain all types of residential garage door systems, including openers, remotes, and safety sensors. We work with top-quality products from leading manufacturers, ensuring reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Flexible Financing for Your HVAC Needs in St Petersburg

Rolando's HVAC provides affordable financing plans to help St. Petersburg homeowners invest in new HVAC systems, upgrades, or repairs. Their financing allows customers to pay over time with manageable monthly installments instead of upfront costs. Key benefits include predictable payments on a set schedule, options with no collateral required, and a quick approval process with funding in 1-5 business days without the hassles of traditional bank loans. Rolando's HVAC aims to make quality HVAC solutions accessible through flexible financing tailored to individual budgets and needs. This enables St. Petersburg residents to improve home comfort and efficiency while managing costs over time.

Top 10 Neighborhoods in St Petersburg

Here are the top 10 neighborhoods in St. Petersburg, Florida, based on factors like safety, amenities, housing costs, and overall livability:

Downtown St. Petersburg

The vibrant heart of the city, with restaurants, museums, parks, and entertainment. It's walkable and has a mix of housing options.

Old Northeast

One of the most desirable historic districts, with tree-lined streets, historic homes, and a strong community feel. It's close to downtown.

Snell Isle

An affluent waterfront community with luxury homes, parks, and a country club. It offers a resort-like atmosphere.

Crescent Lake

A family-friendly neighborhood with a mix of housing types surrounding a scenic lake. It has good schools and parks.

Historic Old Northeast

Similar to Old Northeast but with more bungalow-style homes and a little more affordable pricing.

Coquina Key

A small island community with waterfront homes and easy access to the Gulf beaches. It's quiet and upscale.

Jungle Terrace

A centrally located neighborhood with affordable housing and easy access to amenities. It has a diverse community.

Caslers Beach

A coastal neighborhood right on the Gulf with beach access and waterfront living. It's a bit more remote but very scenic.

Tierra Verde

An island community with luxury waterfront homes, marinas, and resort-style amenities like golf courses.

Greater Pinellas Point

A large area with diverse neighborhoods, from historic districts to new developments, close to downtown.

Things to Do in St Petersburg FL

Here are some of the top things to do in St. Petersburg, Florida:

St. Pete Beach

This beautiful Gulf Coast beach is consistently ranked among the best in the U.S. Relax on the sugary white sand, swim in the clear waters, or try activities like parasailing and dolphin-watching cruises.

Salvador Dali Museum

This unique museum houses the largest collection of works by the famous Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali outside of Spain. Its striking architecture is a work of art itself.

Downtown St. Petersburg

Explore the lively downtown area with its vibrant murals, restaurants, breweries, shops, and parks like the iconic St. Petersburg Pier.

Museum of Fine Arts

This comprehensive art museum features impressive collections of ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary art from around the world.

Fort De Soto Park

This 1,136-acre park consists of five interconnected islands with beaches, hiking trails, a historic fort, and excellent bird-watching opportunities.

Sunken Gardens

A 4-acre botanical garden featuring winding paths through various plant collections, waterfalls, and a butterfly garden, all within a former drainage quarry.

Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club

Play a round of golf at this historic resort's scenic waterfront course or just explore the Mediterranean-style property.

Craft Beer Scene

St. Pete is a haven for craft beer lovers with numerous breweries like Green Bench Brewing Co., 3 Daughters Brewing, and Cycle Brewing.

Saturday Morning Market

Browse this popular open-air market in downtown St. Pete featuring local produce, food vendors, artists, and live music.

Dolphin Tours

Take a boat tour from St. Petersburg or nearby areas to spot dolphins playing in Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

FAQ: Hiring An HVAC Professional

When Is It Time to Contact an HVAC Specialist?

Your HVAC system is a crucial component of your home, requiring regular upkeep and expert repairs for safe and efficient operation. Below are indicators that it's time to reach out to a certified HVAC specialist like Rolando's HVAC in St. Petersburg, FL:

  • Your system has been in use for over a decade - Aging systems often encounter issues and may lose around 5% of their efficiency annually. A specialist can determine whether a replacement is necessary.
  • Your utility bills keep going up - A sudden spike in energy costs typically suggests a problem with your HVAC system. A specialist can identify and resolve the issue.
  • You're hearing odd sounds - Uncommon noises such as squealing, grinding, or thumping indicate that repairs may be necessary. A specialist can pinpoint the problem.
  • Some rooms are warmer or colder than others - This issue often stems from inadequate air flow and may require ductwork repair or modification.
  • The system is leaking refrigerant - Decreased refrigerant levels impair cooling efficiency. A specialist can detect and fix elusive leaks.
  • Poor indoor air quality - Stuffy or stale air can point to ventilation issues. An HVAC expert can enhance air circulation and filtration.

If you notice any of these issues with your HVAC system in St. Petersburg, FL, don't hesitate to contact Rolando's HVAC. Our qualified team can swiftly and efficiently restore your system to optimal performance.

How to Select the Ideal HVAC Contractor in St. Petersburg, FL

Choosing a reliable HVAC contractor is essential for the comfort and safety of your home in St. Petersburg, FL. Follow this guide to find the premier heating and air conditioning service provider:

  • Referrals and Reviews: Ask for recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors in St. Petersburg, FL. Additionally, read online reviews to assess the satisfaction level of the HVAC contractor's previous clients with their air conditioning and heating services.
  • Licensing, Insurance, and Experience: Ensure the HVAC contractors are licensed and insured in Florida. Choose firms with extensive experience and skilled technicians.
  • Comparative Quotes and Communication: Request estimates from several HVAC services in St. Petersburg, FL to compare prices and offerings. Take note of how well they communicate during this process, as it reflects on the quality of their customer service.
  • Available Services: Confirm the HVAC contractor provides a full spectrum of services, including emergency repairs, maintenance, and new installations. Make sure they are familiar with your specific HVAC model.
  • Emergency and Maintenance Services: Check for 24/7 emergency repair availability and ask about maintenance contracts for potential savings and sustained system efficiency.
  • Warranties and Free Estimates: Discuss service warranties and ensure they offer no-cost estimates. A reputable HVAC professional will provide transparent pricing and detailed agreements.

Permits and Brand Knowledge: Make sure the HVAC technician manages all required St. Petersburg permits for installations and repairs. Also, verify their proficiency with various HVAC brands to ensure competent service or installation of your system.

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